Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Victoria Pendleton boyfriend: The truth about their illicit love

Victoria Pendleton's boyfriend is the Australian sports scientist Scott Gardner. He was a former Team GB coach but began an illicit relationship with Victoria before Beijing 2008. The pair of them fell in love - despite never going on a date together - and he quit the team so he could be with her, as relationships between coaches and athletes were banned.

This caused a lot of upset within the Team GB squad, as many coaches, team members and cyclists did not want to lose Scott. Victoria said the time was the most difficult of her life, and says she was shunned by fellow Team GB cyclists angry with her. She said she flet 'numb' the day that the pair went public.

But the despite the troubles, Victoria went on to great things and the couple remained together. Scott has also been invited back to Team GB now that Victoria has retired from professional cycling.

For more pictures and information about Victoria Pendleton's boyfriend please visit the unofficial fan site.

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